‘I’m afraid they’ll take revenge’: Judge who pronounced verdict in Jaipur bomb blast case cites threat to security


Retired judge Ajay Kumar Sharma, who had pronounced the judgment in the Jaipur bomb case, has written to the director-general of police (DGP), requesting him to maintain the security provided to him. Sharma cited security threat to him and said that he has observed some suspicious activity around his residence. HT has obtained a copy of the letter.

“Before and after the judgment, my family and I were provided security of four guards and two personal security officers (PSOs) which is still in place. I have heard that the police line is removing the security provided to me,” read the letter written by Sharma.

In the letter, the retired judge said that he has observed some suspicious activity around his residence. “I have seen people roaming around my house. Some were on motorcycle and clicked my pictures twice,” he said. Referring to the four convicts in the Jaipur bomb blast case, Sharma said that the terrorist group is a very dangerous one and any incident can take place with him or his family.

“I am not financially sound that I can keep personal security guards. My only fault is that I gave death sentence to four dreaded terrorists and I am afraid that the groups to which they belong will take revenge. Hence, the responsibility of me and my family is on the police and the state government. The intelligence bureau report also indicates that terrorist groups can take revenge. The High Court is yet to confirm the death sentence. My family and I have serious threat from terrorists,” Sharma said in the letter.

“We have received a letter from the IB and we are assessing the security of retired judge Ajay Sharma,” said Anand Shrivastava, commissioner of police, Jaipur city.

On December 17, 2019, the special dealing with Jaipur bomb blast cases had convicted four people for the worst terror attack in Jaipur — nine bombs that ripped through the walled city on May 13, 2008, killing 71 and injuring hundreds. On December 20, the four convicts were sentenced to death by the then judge of the court Ajay Kumar Sharma.

The eight locations targeted in the blasts were Manak Chowk police station, Badi Chaupad, Kotwali police station, Tripoliya Bazar, Chandpole Hanuman temple, National Handloom in Jauhari Bazar, Chhoti Chaupad and Sanganeri Gate Hanuman temple. All locations were within a radius of 2 kilometres radius. The trial in the eight cases – one for each of the eight locations – began in December 2008.