Woman Ties Dog To Car And Drags Him Alongside Car On Busy Street Full Of Traffic


A woman was caught on camera driving her car and dragging her dog on a leash alongside her moving car. She kept driving her car while her male passenger held the exhausted dog by the leash and made him run with the speeding car.

This disturbing turn of events has been captured by some locals and the traffic cameras. In this video, we see the woman driving her red car along the busy streets, while the dog is seen panting as he tries to keep up with the car. She kept at it for a full 20 minutes before finally disappearing from the view of the cameras. Spread the word and help the cops find the owner of this car.


Update: The woman was later tracked by the cops. When confronted, she claimed that there was no space in the car for her dog, so she made him take a “walk” instead. The vile woman boldly said that she didn’t think she was doing anything wrong.


The dog has been taken to the vet and is reportedly doing okay. The woman was later let off with a meager fine of $15. Do you think this punishment is enough for this woman’s case of animal cruelty? Let us know in the comments.