Owners Locked Starving Dog In Basement For Years, Lay Covered In Feces And Filth

Đăng lúc 14:08 - 14/08/2019

Toby the dog was found by Viktor Larkhill and his team in a dark and filthy dungeon.  


The place was filled with the pungent smell of death and decay, and the acidic air burned the rescuers’ eyes.

Toby shivered uncontrollably in fear and pain, as he was locked there and left to starve for years.

As the rescuers lifted Toby up, they realized that he had a broken bone that had set itself over time due to the lack of medical attention. He was missing fur in several places, had infectious mange, and several other nasty bruises.

At the vet’s, Toby received a long due series of treatments. But even after weeks, Toby was barely able to stand. Leishmaniasis had damaged Toby’s left leg joint completely, so the poor baby had to go through a painful surgery to be able to walk again.


As Toby received love from the rescuers, his trauma from a life of extreme deprivation slowly faded away. His missing fur started growing back healthy, and he started blossoming into a gorgeous pooch!

Toby is almost unrecognizable now! His eyes are no longer sad and haunted, but filled with a spark for life. Your heart will leap in joy as you see Toby bask in the sunshine for the first time. It troubles us to think that his abuser is still out there. Spread the word and help his sick owner be found.

Click the video below to watch Toby’s journey as he overcomes years of hell in the dungeon to find happiness again!

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.


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